Cuong Nhu Highlights


Master Kirk Farber and wife Linda, after promotion to Shichidan (7th degree)
in Atlanta over Memorial weekend 2011


A Person who engages in serious Martial Arts training for a few years will be helped to more fully realize his/her potential as a human being. Key points that I have realized from 40 years of training include:

•Be aware of strengths and weaknesses in one's character
•Will learn that sustained application of energy over a long period is way to get job done
•Will gain strength and discipline necessary to further develop aspects of oneself that benefit society
•Will gain strength and discipline necessary to restrain those that are detrimental to one's well-being
•Learn not to give up even when one appears to be in a losing position.

O'Sensei Ngo Dong demonstrating technique
to Sensei Kirk Farber - 1989

The following are PDF's to help with Cuong Nhu training in Soft Style, Hand Drills, Center Line Form, etc. Enjoy the information!

Center Line Form 1

Inner Strength Form (Noi Cong)

Soft Style Handout

Soft Style Overview

Soft Style Manual

Cool Videos